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A virtual studio offers the convenience of being reachable when and where you are. All you need is an electronic device for internet access to the world wide web to participate in a fitness program designed to get and keep the body moving. Half hour of mat or chair work and a 20-minute brisk fitness walk offers the opportunity to be the best you. Three times a week is recommended, daily is ideal and available. Join a live class or choose a video from the library.

Classes are suitable for most skill levels and all ages. Maybe it has been a while since fitness was a priority in your life, maybe you are recovering from an injury or surgery. Today is the day. Your membership gains immediate access. You will be contacted for a welcome chat and intake conversation to discuss where you are, where you aim to be and by when.

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class description

Breath Work – A critical component. Easily taken for granted, breathing is instrumental in all forms of movement and rest. Learning to breathe within the movement invites relaxation to be a primary form of exercise.

Pilates Mat – Developed by Joseph Pilates as his “Art of Contrology”, the original 34 movements require discipline, concentration, and control. The individual is ultimately responsible for their well-being. This method builds core strength and flexibility.

H&M Yoga – A blend of Hatha Yoga with Pilates Principles intended to include the mind to support the body.

Barre Work – Using a stationary support to free the mind to focus on precise movement of the hips and legs. Lengthen and strengthen muscles and improve balance.

Fitness Walk – When outdoors is not possible or your daily count is running short, this 20 minute routine strengthens the leg muscles and builds cardio endurance. Besides keeping pace with the music, side steps work the hips, kicks stretch the muscles, knee lifts simulate an incline, and dance stimulates the heart.

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Personal Instruction Experience (PIE)

PIE offers individualized coaching for those preferring private guidance either being new to movement or recovering from injury/medical procedure or taking your commitment to a new level. The cost is $10 per 30 minute session. Please contact Carolyn for more information.

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live special event description

Self Care is about knowing what is available when options diminish. This is fact based, shared and molded into something that suits its participants. Each class is different in nature. May require some reading, some writing, possibly sharing, definitely connecting.

Reiki Circle is an opportunity to participate and share loving energy, giving and receiving. Although distant, we can still create a comfortable environment of respect, trust and healing.

Book Club for those wanting to share reading an agreed upon book for understanding another’s point of view and enjoyment. The book club can take on different appearances, agreed upon by the group. One book may be of interest and another not so much. For example, the group  read “Heart Mind Belly”, “The Prophet”, “The Little Prince”, “Relax & Be Aware” and each one hosted a different forum and approach.

Seasonal Peace Imaging is a 30 minute exercise of “imagineering” a personal peace offered to the world. This experience occurs the eve before each change of season. Think it, imagine it, be it.

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