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Hearts & Minds virtual studio offers the convenience of accessibility when and where you are plus easy contact to real, live human support. All you need is an electronic device (computer, tablet, smart phone) and internet access to the world wide web, to log on to the Hearts & Minds Movement Studio video library and live virtual classes designed to keep you fit and moving. Total access of live classes and video library all for $10 a month.

Video Library includes a full routine of various physical fitness activities. If you have space for a yoga mat, then you have room for a great workout. Workouts are designed for every skill level and age group.
Receive breathing practice, meditation guidance, and a variety of movement instruction. Besides the link to a dynamic playlist, access the archives with specific workouts. For example, FAST (Focus at Specific Targets) are shorter, concise videos that focus on certain muscle groups for quick results. The Qigong Playroom is a place to experiment and explore awareness of energy in the body and develop a range of motion at a safe, easygoing tempo.

Zoom Room is an active link to all live scheduled activities that include morning and afternoon movement classes and wellness events of a Reading Circle, Reiki Circle, and Seasonal Peace Imagining Meditations.

Activating your Subscription today gains immediate access. Expect an email invitation in your inbox for a welcome chat and intake conversation to discuss where you are, where you aim to be and by when, reasonable action items to support your wellness

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movement class description

Breathwork – A critical component for life. Breathing is instrumental in all forms of movement. Breathe with movement is a most foundational aspect of exercise that builds strength and promotes relaxation.

Pilates Mat –Joseph Pilates’ method of the original thirty-four movements require discipline, concentration, and control. Responsibility for well-being resides with the individual, here receive compassionate instruction that makes sense to your body to develop core strength and flexibility.

Yoga – A blend of Hatha Yoga with Pilates include an active mind to support the body two way, gently or more vigorously.

Chair & Standing Work – Principles of movement and results with as much or as little support required. Chair work encourages focusing on movement is a seated position. Standing develops balance and long, lean leg muscles.

The Qigong Playroom is a gentle approach to experiment and practice the art of Qigong with an element of Eastern philosophy.

Fitness Walk – Meet your step goals regardless of the weather. This 20-minute routine strengthens the leg muscles and increases cardio endurance. Greater than stepping in place, keep pace with a lively beat with side steps, kicks, and knee lifts.

wellness event description

Self-Care Discussion is knowing that support is available when options feel diminished. The work is fact based, dissected, and molded into something that suits the individual. Each conversation is different in nature by reading, journaling, sharing, or connecting all within your comfort zone. And if you want to expand your comfort, additional support is lovingly available for you.

Reiki Circle is an opportunity to participate and share life energy, both giving and receiving. No previous Reiki experience or attunement required. Even at a distance, a comfortable environment of respect, trust and healing is possible. A monthly meeting cares for the self, others, the planet and beyond.

Reading Circle focuses on books of a personal development nature. The discussions help understand our own and another’s point of view. The circle takes different approaches as agreed upon by the group. For example, the group reads the book together, or reads and shares comments, or listens to a section then responds. Each book offers an opportunity for a different forum and approach.

Seasonal Eve Peace Imagining Work is a guided 30-minute exercise of “imagineering” a personal inner peace shared with and extended into the world.
Intend peace, imagine peace, visualize peace, own peace.

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And for those wishing for personalized assistance:

PIE is the Personal Instruction Experience (PIE). When unsure about form and results, consider a private session. Your coaching, your support, your unique practice. PIE is especially beneficial to those new to exercise, healing an injury, recovering from a medical procedure, or simply those determined to take it to a new height. PIE sessions are available via Zoom or in-person. Your program combines any of the services mentioned on this website.

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