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Carolyn experiences life deeper beyond that what meets the eye. Her deep dives attempt to explore the world on the many levels of the subconscious, the physical, the etheric. Or the mind, body, and spirit. Her resources include the observations from oracles, educators, and sages. Each step comes with an invitation to dive deeper. Nothing needs fixing, just a margin of allowance.

Carolyn is a student of life. She studied journalism, art, mechanical drafting, philosophy, world religions, psychology, and metaphysics. She worked in engineering support, product development, process improvement, quality, and personal development. She practices healing energy methods, Pilates, Yoga, breathing, prayer, and profound thinking.

From early on, people felt safe and comfortable sharing their problems and concerns with Carolyn. Her problem-solving skills come from listening to their message beyond the words and the feelings holding the sentences together. Most people forget they hold the answer to their problems. She helps to remember them. Owning a solution eases the case for personal improvement.

As an author, she tells a story that opens the possibility of new ways of being and offer opportunities for growth. Anything is imaginable when using stories to chart points of life with fresh perspectives. Accept the gift to appreciate life through authentic emotions from the heart, dispassionate thoughts from the mind, and the natural gut instincts of the belly. To live in the fullness of these three centers, “Heart Mind Belly” certainly ignites an innocent sense of curiosity.