faq: frequently asked questions

What is a Subscription?

A subscription is an agreement that a monthly investment returns the availability of movement classes and necessary support for the purpose of one’s wellbeing. Together, you and I share the responsibility of commitment.
The agreement is an automatic monthly obligation and revokable at any time. By establishing payment through Stripe, you control your account.

What is the cost of a Subscription?

There are two levels of participation to consider your schedule and availability.

Level 1 is access to the Video Library based on YouTube. There will be a month’s worth of movement classes of varying degrees from gentle to experienced and types (yoga, Pilates, barre, fitness walk). Once the library is built, the videos will rotate to offer different experiences. The cost is $5/month.

Level 2 is full access to the library, plus virtual live classes and monthly special events.
The cost is $10/month.

Can non-subscribers attend a live class or special event?

Level 1 subscribers may attend a single live class or special event for $5.
Non-subscribers may attend a single live class or special event for $10.

What is a Personal Instruction Experience (PIE)?

The PIE is the opportunity to receive specific, one to one, guidance to support your movement practice, be it either yoga, Pilates, or Barre. A session is 30 minutes.
The cost for subscribers is $10/session.
The non-scribers cost is $15/session.

What is the Video Library?

The Video Library is a collection of movement classes lasting 20-30 minutes each. The classes are yoga, Pilates, barre, and fitness walking. Classes maybe stand alone, or mat, or chair supported.

There are classes appropriate for beginners and more experienced people. The gentle type classes welcome those new or returning to movement due to injury or a medical procedure. Of course, best to receive your doctor’s permission before beginning any new activity.

Are the Live Classes any different than the library?

These classes are the same type and nature as the library except some classes may be 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes. Class schedule is dynamic in that subscribers have a say in which days and what times.

What to expect when subscribing to Hearts & Minds Movement?

Your email address will be added to the mail list and you begin receiving newsletters. Within 24 hours you will receive a message from Carolyn to schedule a time to get to know each other. The intake process requires about 30 minutes. We want to make sure to meet your expectations and maybe set some new ones.

What is a Level 1 Subscription?

For the individual, whose schedule is unpredictable and chooses to workout at different times, having access to the video library is the option. The library contains yoga, Pilates, Barre 20-minute workouts for the beginner to the more advanced participant. There are also videos offered for those who prefer to sit in a chair to exercise.

Level 1 Subscribers also receive a discount to add a live class and special event.

What is a Level 2 Subscription?

Level 2 receives access to the video library PLUS live virtual classes and special events.
The live classes include yoga, Pilates, and Barre instruction. Classes range between 30- 45- or 60- minutes. Zoom based classes offer a way for student and instructor interaction.

Fitness walk is a Level 2 Subscription package. Keep pace with a lively beat for 20-30 minutes with walking in place, kicks, knee lifts, and side steps. This cardio option completes your fitness regime.

Special Events include self-care workshops, breathwork, Reiki Circles, Seasonal Peace “Imagineering” meditations, a reading club. All things that support well-being are a welcomed consideration as a special event.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simple. Send a request to cancel your subscription to Carolyn. And just as easy, you can start up again when ready.

How do I access the Video Library?

Currently, the video library is a private playlist on YouTube. You will receive a link and assistance to find and access the playlist. Make sure you are receiving Carolyn’s periodic email messages with content changes and links.

How do I access the Live Classes & Special Events?

Most classes and events are offered via Zoom. As a Level 2 subscriber, you will receive emails with the classes and events listed with appropriate links. If you require a text reminder, you will need to let Carolyn know.

What if I do not use Zoom?

Let us talk about that. If it is a matter of education, Carolyn offers electronic guidance. If it is a matter of not wanting to be seen, turn off the camera. Part of the intake interview discusses operating systems, browsers, platforms, and tidbits of support.
And it just may be that Level 2 is not for you. Consider enrolling in the personal instruction experience.

What is the Personal Instruction Experience (PIE)?

PIE is an opportunity to receive individualized guidance. If you are new to movement or recovering from injury/medical procedure with your physician’s approval, exercise is good, and a few sessions may catapult motivation. Maybe you are ready to take your commitment to a new level. The comfort of a one-to-one, 30-minute interaction can answer your specific needs.

The subscribers cost is $10/session.
The non-scribers cost is $15/session.

What is the H&M Book Club?

Your fitness depends on the wellness all your bodies; physical, mental, emotion, and etheric. The book club is another avenue to consider. Those interested in joining, choose the book and decide the forum. The group may decide to read the book together, read then meet to discuss, read and share comments concurrently, or choose for the book to be read to them. The Book Club is available to any who are interested.