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Tell the Story

We are storytellers. We tell stories about our past, we tell stories about our present, and we tell stories about our future. A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. From each iteration, the core of the story [...]

Always Running Late

Being late may not win the race but could win the contest as a strategy. Running late is a tiny excuse that begins as a choice then stems into an inconvenient little trait. Habits are like that. The tendency to [...]

A Reason for Being

The other day an illustration of the Japanese version of a Venn Diagram passed through my desktop feed. Tools for organizing and categorizing logical thought are fascinating . . . especially when time is allowed to not only do it [...]

Big T Truth

The world seems a little bit on edge right now. Any sense of sanity is twisted and tightly wound up in a ball of “nots” bound together by a sticky wicket of what next. This dish is a discourse of [...]


  Springtime. A time of rebirth, renewal, return after of week of trials and tribulations. So easy to forget the trials and celebrate the new. Not this time. I am in the throes of torment present with passing through the [...]

The Apology

I sit at odds today. Possibly the wind brings in a storm front. Perchance the shadows push the edges of changing seasons. Then there may be an emotional storm brewing on the threshold of planetary shifts. Then the very real [...]

Train Stories

I have taken five train trips in my life. My first trip was as a chaperone for my sister and her friend on a short one way trip from Tucson, Arizona southeast to Benson. The trip took one hour. The [...]

Thoughts That Shine

A thought is present in a series of gifts that when opened lets us see the world in different lights. Like when the morning sun shines through cracks and crevices that fade during a full reveal. In its fullness, the [...]

Power of the Word

A misunderstanding of a single word redirects a conversation’s flow. A word used to get the conversation back on track either enriches or weakens the original intent. Be alert to the distinction between words introduced to address the misunderstanding. Sense [...]


The world flourishes with creative thought. Yes, the world operates within a set routine. The sun rises, the sun sets. One season follows the other. Each season is a term within a cycle of reproduction. Reproduction is what makes the [...]

Living On The Edge

Imagine being on the edge of a massive paradigm shift. A shift is a subtle way of being in the world that is no longer the same as the moment before, and not quite arrived at what is next. A [...]

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