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Dark Waters Call

I am re-reading my first book to jump-start the thought process for the second installment. The material for the second book needs massaging and alignment. When I started reading the first book again, it felt more like running an obstacle [...]

Problem Pronouns

/ˈprōˌnoun/ noun a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you ) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, [...]

The Sensitive Way

This pandemic came in the disguise of confusion. I wasn’t confused, I didn’t understand. None of this made sense. This epidemic came as something from behind the obvious, something heard beyond the noise, something felt below the surface. All of [...]

Anniversaries of Such

Today is an anniversary of such. A day that marks the end of one thing and the beginning of a new. Rather a blip that acknowledges continuation with another year of experience. May the year of experience only enhance the [...]

A Good Salesperson

A good salesperson leaves a trace of satisfaction during and after the exchange of words or an agreement on product. The result is that the parties separate each with the feeling of gratification. A good salesperson develops a relationship to [...]

On the Mat

The first gift received from crossing the doorway of a fitness class is embracing a sense of courage. Courage soothes the incessant questions about what is to come. There you are. The decision made. Bravery at its apex. Stepping into [...]

The Gift Set

Why choose one zine when you can have the entire set of five little books? TREE – The importance of a tree in a little girl’s life, as told by the tree. Big T Truth – Simple questions shows [...]

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