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“Heart Mind Belly”

Points on the Map of Self-Discovery

Imagine standing on the edge of a platform built upon the words you use to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. From this stage, you will into dive into a body of possibility, leaving life as you perceived it to map the points of your life with a fresh insight. Learn to appreciate a balanced life through the authentic emotions of your heart, the dispassionate thoughts of your mind, and the gut instincts of your belly. Living in the fullness of your three centers will ignite a self-curiosity.

The power of the words you choose for your life stories are key to what keeps you from, or paves your way, for a joyful life of possibilities. The journey is not a sprint, but rather a purposeful pursuit of a living contentment.

Consider applying the method shared on these pages to your own life as you travel along on another’s quest for self-discovery. Say yes to the adventure of making sense of the world. Explore ways to clear the heart, mind, and belly centers of the old, toxic stories that keep you paralyzed. Let your three centers show you how to move away from “doing” into an engaged state of “being.” Once you experience living through each of your centers, you cannot undo it. To know yourself adds courage to your platform.

The author shares her stories of challenge and growth as her heart, mind, and belly revealed their gifts. Her book calls on you to reflect upon your own journey of self-discovery to be whole, complete and free. Be willing to open yourself to encounter the essence of your three centers.


Awake and Aware

This book made me reflect on my own challenges and presented a creative description of how our thoughts, feelings, and emotions can guide our self-discovery journey. Being aware of how the mind, the heart, and the belly interact and affect each other, awareness of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, is key to how we see ourselves and others, how we react to the challenges in our lives and how we can learn to accept the things we cannot change.


Passionate Journey

In this passionate journey, the author searches for her genuine self. She relates life experiences and memories through discussions of the heart, the mind, and the body. It is an enlightening read.

MA Marazzi

Live in Harmony

The Dali Lama has said that if you want to be happy, practice compassion. But how do we feel and act from compassion when we approach our challenges solely as thinkers? Sometimes I stay in my head, particularly when circumstances are challenging. Heart Mind Belly by Carolyn Valenzuela helps me stay balanced.

She writes “Wisdom owns the consequences of thoughts, feelings and actions. The wisdom of the heart sweetly filters feelings from decisions. The wisdom of the mind filters with an intent to build personal history. The wisdom of the belly filters to choose direction and action. The three centers shape a system to serve as a moral foundation for how to relate with and in the world.”

As we get older and our heart hardens from the aches and pains of life, I’ve also realized “There comes a time to recall the birthright of innocence.”

Valenzuela’s wisdom shares how “We are responsible for creating our personal truths” and “The journey of self-discovery may not need new sights, but rather the ability to see old ways with fresh eyes.”

On my journey I have sought to open my crown chakra for extended periods and encourage others to do so for both personal growth and the spiritual growth of humanity. Valenzuela writes; “Humanity has made leaps and bounds from the time fire was discovered to the exploration of space. With all this knowledge, being human is not the same as when two sticks were rubbed together. There is nothing to stop the capability of the heart, mind, and belly from pushing beyond the space of a new frontier. It is time to push the evolution of humanity because we are better human beings.”

Heart Mind Belly helps me live in harmony with my body, my relationships and my world.

Michael S. Van Hecke

About courage and possibilities

Carolyn Valenzuela’s Heart Mind Belly: Points on the Map of Self Discovery spoke to me on multiple levels: emotionally, conceptually, and practically. I am at a stage of life when I want and need what I read to be applicable to my everyday life.

Reading the book I heard many “bells of mindfulness.” Heart Mind Belly made me more aware of the power of words and how I make meaning of the symbols I encounter. It was as though I had “new eyes” to discover how and why I make decisions and take action.

Carolyn’s willingness to share her explorations and personal experiences inspires me to focus not on what happens to me, but rather how I respond. She invites me to take a series of brave steps to increase mindfulness and acceptance of what I encounter in life. Heart Mind Belly is a book about courage and possibilities.