January 9, 2022

Circles to encourage community and support, the Reading Circle, the Reiki Circle, and the Self Care Conversations.

The Reading Circle serves as a focus on the selected book. Everyone is encouraged to participate and be heard. This leads to openness and connection. “Warrior Goddess Training” offers two more chapters before a brief break before jumping into “The Gifts of Imperfection.” Maybe the idea of reading seems impossible, our Facebook Reading Group contains a portion of the week’s assignment for listening, aka podcast.

The Reiki Circle serves as a vehicle for communicating with what animates us, what stimulates our energy and a way to think differently. This is a time for reflection and meditation. The playlist “Breathwork” now contains the 31-day meditations from “relax & be aware” that was completed December 31st. Maybe the time of the circle is inconvenient. I am considering moving the circle to a monthly Saturday morning at 10:00 and opening the opportunity to meet in person. The circle supports the seasonal Peace Imagining meditation. I gleefully accept your thoughts.

For January, consider attending tomorrow evening’s Reiki Circle at 6:30 to learn about Reiki, to practice Reiki, and aim to soften our edges back to center. We will adopt the Reading Circle’s “Beaming” to complement the thought process of sharing healing energy.

Self-Care Conversations seems to lack consistency, yet each meeting except two offered alternatives and broadened horizons with many an aw-ha moments. To enliven the effort, the Divina Veritas (Divine Truth) model will be revived. Divina Veritas v.2 will assume the form of a circle with ceremony, meditation, lesson, sharing, and personal development.

January’s Wellness Events:

  • January 10th, Monday, 6:30PM: Reiki Circle: Bring your questions. The virtual circle supports our seasonal events: Reiki Share and Peace Imagining meditation
  • January 22nd, Saturday, 10AM: Divina Veritas
  • H&M Reading Circle begins “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown in February

Beta Test: Team Reach – a mobile application to notify members of classes and status…effortlessly. Subscribers are being invited to install and join.
Your feedback is appreciated.

January 10, 2022

T o n i g h t at 6:30PM: Reiki Circle: Bring your questions and concerns. There is a place for all of it. Access the special events from this page. Tonight we will work with proxies to focus healing energy and practice “beaming.”

A little more about The Reiki Circle … Reiki mirrors our energy to assist communicating with what animates us, what stimulates our energy and shifts of perspective. The Circle is a time for reflection and meditation. The circle is a perfect time to practice, support and learn about Reiki, as a tool to soften our edges and swing back to center. The Reading Circle “Beams” to complement the thought process of sharing healing energy. The Reiki Circle can beam, too.

Communication is challenging. Forgetting is inevitable. H&M Movement Studio is testing the application Team Reach – a mobile application to notify members of classes and status…effortlessly. All subscribers have been sent an invite. These times of virtual scams shakes our trust. Nonetheless, I did send the invite to TEAM REACH.

January 11, 2022

What a wonderful Reiki Circle. After introductions, sacred space with discussed and then invoked. When sending intentional Reiki energy or prayer, a proxy brings focus to the heart and mind. Writing the name or the situation on a piece of paper, a photograph, or a stuffed animal brings value to the work. The individual work was strengthen by the support of others with the use of beaming, facing palms toward the person making the request. After those with requests experienced the sharing, the group joined in gratitude. Thank you.

I maintain a Reiki stack of petitions. Yes, there are long term requests, however, periodic cleaning out the stack frees up the energy to shift and change. That can be true with holding onto thoughts, ideas, and stories that no longer serve you. If I can assist with any prayer requests, send me the name to be added to the Reiki Stack.

A note about Divina Veritas v.2, a woman’s circle. The winter before the pandemic, the original circle disbanded. Each month of group of women gathered in ceremony to create our best self. I admit, I was afraid of the power or potential the circle offered. I have researched and studied and think that version 2 will step into the potential of a woman’s circle. What will the hour look like? Sacred space, confidentiality, support, reflection, meditation, a topic for discussion, sharing, and practice, closure. Please contact me to discuss or answer any questions. This will be a different type of commitment, a dedication to build this community. More to come, first meeting is coming up.

January 12, 2022
Reservations for the in-person Divina Veritas Women’s Circle are being taken. Six spaces are available. With prior arrangements, meetings may be streamed via Zoom.

Not sure what you are agreeing to? Then please contact me, let’s talk. Send me an email, you ought have my address or select the orange “here” below the signature. The contact page is also an option. I welcome conversations about Divina Veritas. Six in-person spaces are available. With prior arrangements, meetings may be streamed via Zoom. The Divina Veritas group is something started a few years back with my dear friend, Sandy. This is an re-design. I will let the original members know of the effort. The Circle is part of your subscription. Non-subscribers may attend for a fee of $10.

January 13, 2022
The reading circle discusses Lesson Ten: Embody your Wisdom tomorrow. Today’s reading “Balanced Warrior Goddesses contain all three aspects of this divine feminine trinity, blending the best qualities of the maiden, mother, and crone.” The other hits on elements of the feminine archetypes to which we cling and those elements we avoid. Seeking balance and honoring. This is the purpose of Divina Veritas (Divine Truth).

New videos have been added to the H&M Video Library. There is benefit in growing with the movement practice and also support in returning to the older videos. That is why, you now have available categories of videos. Interesting to see development. This can be exciting or frightening. If you are not sure where to start, then start by contacting me. You know how, text, email, contact direct message. Let’s move.

January 13, 2022
New videos were added Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The number of videos in the H&M Video Library tend to be close to ten. The videos replaced in the playlist nestle in their respective next. Yoga to Yoga. One playlist not so apparent, but created for focused areas of work, the F A S T playlist aims to develop areas, quickly. For instance, one of the clients shared feet and ankle problems. Another client wanted to use hand weights. The F A S T playlist contains shorter, straight to the point, videos, to follow more regularly.

Currently I attend physical therapy to assist weakening pelvic floor muscles. I go once a week, my progress measured and new goals set. And the most important thing to do, the thing the doctor emphasizes is DO IT EVERY DAY.

Let’s get moving, every day. A live class, a video, one-on-one. Everything you need is here. Need something else? Let me know. I’m here for you.


January 14, 2022

Nearly half-way through the first month of the year. Are you meeting your fitness goals? Consistency is the key. Participation is important. With zoom, be present and moving AND remain unseen and silent. H&M Movement offers one or two LIVE classes nearly every day. Besides the Movement Studio, I offer classes to companies. Some of those participants show up and yet to be seen or heard. I do get hands clap, that is good. It is not enough making a financial commitment and refrain from moving. Get up. Show up. Be active. Have fun. Movement is not a punishment. If it is, let’s talk. The more the merrier.

January 15, 2022
Today’s Fitness Walk was quite the experience. Thank you Walkers!

Half the group had the walk on to keep step while watching the game. Such dedications. Half of the other half took a break. The remaining half is fine in a world without sports. We all got what we wanted, the best of all worlds. Thank you.