January 1, 2022

Stepping into a New Year. Thank you & Welcome. I aim to do some good work, not long, not hard, just consistent, and heartfelt. You are welcome to join when and how you can.

Wellness Opportunities Coming in 2022
A Monthly Reiki Circle an opportunity to learn and share Universal Healing Energy, a hands-on focus, either distant hands beam or in-person. Focus on coming from the heart rather than the mind.
The Self-Care Conversations (intentional self-development) aims to practice self-care, with attention, intention, support, and application. Begin with two separate lists of 100 Gratitudes & 100 Questions.
H&M Movement is the original intent. Motivation and consistency is a habit. Please schedule an appointment with me to discuss where you are and how the virtual studio can support you moving into the new year.
Let’s make 2022 a good one. You may *contact me directly.

January 2, 2022

Watching the shift of focus on social media recalls two points.
1. As well intended as a push to do may be, there is a marketing aspect. Yes, the beginning of the year is a time to review the past, adjust and move forward. To do this with a sense of being whole and complete with a desire of improvement is healthier for the spirit than being not enough nor lacking. Be willing to try something new with the attitude I CAN.
2. I may have compounded my first point with my second thought, which tickles this morning reading from “Warrior Goddess Training” from the reading circle, that being speaking our truth, knowing what is true for us and our highest good. Speaking our truth is a sticky wicket, that is to retreat behind a fear or succumb to please another. Rather than tumbling into a rabbit hole, simply breathe and just know.

January’s Wellness Events:
January 1st: Saturday Morning Pop-UP: Pilates Mat with a dash of rapid movement
January 10th, Monday, 6:30PM: Reiki Circle
January 22nd, Saturday, 8AM: Self-Care Support Conversation

January 3, 2022

My to-do list changed before the sunrise and then it didn’t. I mean that what I thought was supposed to happen appeared in a different way. Let me exercise the experience against the selection today from “Warrior Goddess Training” specifying the four elements of whole message.
1. Observation, the facts
2. Our thoughts, true or false words running through our head
3. Our feelings, the emotional response of how I felt
4. Our needs, what I want

I planned to lead a 6AM yoga class. The contract ended in December and yet to be renewed.
I thought that since the workforce was returning, the class would resume.
I felt confused and feared not meeting my commitment.
I wanted to do yoga but returned to reading. My want for movement will be realized at 8AM with Qigong.

January 4, 2022

One of the big unknowns is how we effect others. Sometimes the effect is quite apparent, especially in a classroom or face-to-face setting. In the world wide web, the effect is obscured. Capital letters feel like yelling. Intention can be inferred. The electronic system seems to create an illusion of safety, absence, and isolation.

I am seeking a feedback loop to ensure those with a desire to know and show up are not surprised when something they may have wanted to do has not been communicated or received. If you hold a piece to this puzzle for me, kindly click the “here” below the signature and send me a quick note. I sure would like to know who is reading these messages.

January’s Wellness Events:
January 10th, Monday, 6:30PM: Reiki Circle
January 22nd, Saturday, 8AM: Self-Care Support Conversation

January 5, 2022

Monday evening is the next Reiki Circle. As mentioned previously, the monthly circle format will shift from outward focus to inner peace. The more informal approach as a practice will now build toward the in-person hands on sharing event that will tie into the Seasonal Peace Imagining meditation.
Reiki translates into Universal Life Energy. Qigong means moving (ki or qi) Universal Life Energy.
To receive a Reiki session is at least, an invitation to experience a deep level of relaxation, which is still… fantastic.  At the most a session may release energy that may be blocked or dormant. As a subscriber, you are invited to receive your own Reiki session in the real studio. Reiki is not limited to a place; therefore, Distant Healing sessions are also available. Contact me through the link below to make an appointment or discuss what this means to you.

January 6, 2022

I had my own Personal Instruction Experience in the form of a physical therapy evaluation to address urge incontinence. I was given homework to practice (5) kegels x 5 every day and to do so for the duration of our six sessions. The doctor emphasized the importance of consistency. I willingly share the details of this experience with those interested. Contact me below to receive my journal notes.

Late spring or early summer 2020 was the first H&M fitness walk live on Facebook. I studied and started the practice at the suggestion of one of our subscribers. Little did I know then what a valuable tool it would be today. The muscle groups of my legs are as firm now as they were when using weights. My endurance now exceeds what it was before the pandemic. I recently offered the fitness walk to another group of people through the Wellness Council and much to my delight, the response was “fun” and “I’m sweating.”
Since the first offering, the music has changed a couple of times with the platform (Facebook and Zoom). There is more diversity of the side steps, kicks, and knee lifts. Dance steps filter through the walking in place. And the cool down portion is included in the musical playlist. I believe those who have regularly participated would agree this easy, simple approach when done consistently gains results.
As always, do what you, rest when you need, then move again…every day.

consistent: acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate

January 7, 2022

Wonderful day to you. This morning’s yoga class was recorded and now available in the “H&M Video Library,” the PIE was the Shibashi flow of Qi Gong, and the Reading Circle discussed “Speak Your Truth.”

The yoga class experienced breathing with affirming thought. Inhale through the nose “I AM,” exhale “relaxed,” inhale “I AM”, exhale “healthy.”

The one-to-one experience of Qi Gong includes the opportunity to pause and reflect from both parties. From my humble point of view, to offer the time to flow builds and extends energy and connection. Classes are great, observation is fulfilling. Time is extended to the practitioner in a meaningful expression.

Speaking Truth. Yes, learning for our self, but relevant for what is happening in the world. This conversation (I typed “rich” and decided the word was embellishment and removed it) included four elements of authentic communication.

  • The facts – observable, measurable
  • Thoughts – what I think
  • Emotions – what I feel
  • Needs – what I want

The next book we read starting February is “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown

January 8, 2022

Our first week of the new year is now behind us. A week of reflection and time to use the Vision Board as an aide, a map of sorts, to fully step into the future. Mostly resolutions are viewed as ineffective. Promises mostly to weaken and break. Routines beckon to waver. What are we to do to make gains to be our best self?

This is an internal job. We are very good at identifying what isn’t working, what is wrong, what we don’t like.  To recognize when we enter the NOT’s is the best time to say STOP. Notice your thoughts, notice your feelings, and this needs more time than eek, my thoughts, oh no, my feelings. Invite effort to dig a little bit to see if there is a forever story that starts playing with the thought or emotion. The story may be an if this then that scenario. Make playing in your garden the first step.

The second step is take a step in identifying what you want, what you need. Make being prepared to have a wish for a falling star a thing. Know that the result of flipping a coin happens when your desire of which side is up happens in midair. Is the opposite of what you want buried in what you don’t want? Not necessarily. However, what you want is an outcome that dissolves undesirous happenings.

Bottom line our wellbeing dependents upon fresh air, good food, and movement. Breathe deep, eat well, and join a class or watch a video. If what you want is not here, please contact me and let’s discuss possibilities. What you want may very well be the next best class.

January’s Wellness Events:

  • January 10th, Monday, 6:30PM: Reiki Circle: External to internal inner peace, developing a healing attitude. The virtual circle supports our seasonal events: Reiki Share and Peace Imagining meditation
  • January 22nd, Saturday, 8AM: Self-Care Support Conversation
  • H&M Reading Circle begins “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown