Today is an anniversary of such. A day that marks the end of one thing and the beginning of a new. Rather a blip that acknowledges continuation with another year of experience. May the year of experience only enhance the perception of the world today. What does the “of such” entail?

The first day of school is of such. The mark of the end of care-free days between specific years of early and secondary education. The student’s perspective reflects their attitude toward their educational experience. The parents may see and feel different, yet it is a spot on the continuum. I am one of the fortunate ones. My grandchildren grow another year and I remain the same.

The day a loved one vacated their physical presence for another realm is of such. The day remembered with a note on a calendar or scribbled on the heart. Another loved one holds the day sacred every day and today is the day of remembrance fulfilled with a sense of joy. Solemn reflection for what was and also what may have been . . . although, cut short. I am one of the fortunate ones. The remembrance of this loved one came through a dream that caused me to wake. His memory called forth emotions held within awareness of greater global suffering. Awake, recalling, and honoring the moment while gazing at a single star in the nighttime sky. A moment in the dark and in touch with the importance of the very next breath.

A moment of realization and appreciation for what was and no longer is of such. An event that many yesterdays ago was done with ease and grace. Thinking back, those way-back days eventually do add up to years. How could this happen? How can this be? One day at a time, so it seems to be. There was a moment that separated one away from the present. Called away to attend to another more important task, again, and again, and again. And it was important. And it was necessary. Now, this moment calls upon the passage of time to forgive or contribute to the experience of life. I am one of the fortunate ones. I long not for days past but call that place forward to where I am now. The task may not nor ever be as simple to do as it once was. Experience ought to include the ability to redesign a reentry of such. The approach to be more simple, more gentle with greater ease.

This moment as an instance to choose a different approach is of such. The choice is there. Choose to add to or take away from. Choose to retreat back or move on. Choose to disregard or honor. Choose to celebrate or mourn. Better yet, choose both and all. Watch what happens.