A good salesperson leaves a trace of satisfaction during and after the exchange of words or an agreement on product. The result is that the parties separate each with the feeling of gratification. A good salesperson develops a relationship to invite the other party to be a good customer. When the other is already a willing participant, the salesperson’s role is a builder of trust and honesty.

The sweet offer of a free sample is a tasty temptation. The intent is to have the customer step in without realizing it happened. Yes, the customer is looking for something. Now, remove barriers and cushion credibility. Salespeople must be confident and intuitive. First, confidence in the product and a knowledge of how the item fulfills a personal need. Second, rely on a strong intuition of the loudest and most immediate need.

Appearance is critical, appeal alluring. Shift any sense of pressure into invitation without commitment. This is about the customer. The products sole intent is to bring out the best of the other. If old, here is youth. If used, here is new. If tired, here is energy. And if the salesperson can offer all that . . . at what cost. This bargaining without words, this bantering without saying a thing. How does the salesperson know? How does the face betray? Stand a little closer to block the exit. Listen a little longer and the right offer may generate the desired response . . . the yes.

Yes, the evening was wonderful. A good time, great music, perfect. Floating back to the room in the lightness of the moment innocent to the offer . . . here, a gift. The gift bearer introduces the perfect salesperson. Young, beautiful, Brazilian. Her accent embedded in its romance language, asking for help with her lack of English mastery. But the words are clear. This is what you need to tighten and lift an already beautiful skin yet, beginning to show the signs of aging. Yes, the price is high, but you’ll save over the long run because of the quality and results. And this product is only as good as the second product you need to ensure success. Buy both and save 25%. Not sold? Because you are you, we’ll throw in the third product for free if you buy now . . . if you keep it a secret . . . if you value your looks.

Maybe those products are the right ones. Maybe not. Maybe now is the time to work on that youthful look of tight lifted skin. Maybe later. Maybe that wasn’t the best salesperson. And maybe she was. The memory of the evening dimmed with the performance of an almost good salesperson.