Why choose one zine when you can have the entire set of five little books?

TREE – The importance of a tree in a little girl’s life, as told by the tree.

Big T Truth – Simple questions shows how easy it is to tell your truth.

A Traveling Stone’s Adventure – Become curious about the movement of a perceived inanimate object.

Look Beyond the Edge – Slow down and take a moment to really go further than the familiar.

Dawn Breaks – The early morning holds the wonder and mystery of a sunrise. There is a lot more happening than night turning into day.

Carolyn J Valenzuela wrote and illustrated the books. Share with another as a greeting. Hold, read and reflect for yourself. Chat with others as you color the pages. Plus, look for the recurring image on each page of the book. Can you find them all?

Price: $20.00 + $7.00 S&H