The struggle is real. That what is calling is forefront. The leap to get to the undefined over there feels as wide as the Grand Canyon. Plans to bridge the gap are thwarted in its earliest stages. The vision to span one place to another comes in and out of attention. Focus is disrupted by a myriad of distractions. Such is the nature of resistance.

Interruptions alter the course in small ways, such as a phone call, a text message, or a simple request. Then there is the break between activities that require rest, sleep or a mindless snack. This pause is better identified as an entry to forgetfulness. In that moment, the urgency to leap is lulled into – later. Any attempt to build the bridge or answer the call for action seems to generate a greater distraction.

Beware the injury. The first slip occurs with the rush into action. In those case, a critical element is often left behind. Let’s not forget the danger of running heightens the risk of a fall. Walking introduces the danger of trips. Cutting vegetables once distracted leads to the letting of blood. The cut may stop the bleeding, but the wound is the reminder that rushing leads to pain. Minor arguments temporarily detour intentions. The argument may be resolved, but the sting of hurtful words remains in a pile of chaos yet to be sorted. And so it is, the nature of resistance.

Try as one can, resistance has an energy of its own that holds firm until softened by observation. This may be as simple as recognizing that there is an energy that is impeding progress. Now may not be the best time. To delay allows the acquisition of information, collect supplies, or discover an easier way.

Regardless of how resistance appears, there are options. Here are three that offer a sense of action without commitment. In here lies an opportunity to step into a greater understanding of why now is not going to happen.

  1. ASK – What is important in the moment? The true meaning of an action may be just beyond a thin veneer of what seems like resistance. The motivation to break through may be weak compared to the perceived amount of effort. Be willing to dive a little deeper to gain strength or clarify purpose to move to accomplishment.
  2. WAIT – Hesitation is not necessarily a bad thing. To appreciate that there is a natural flow of events is the simplest cause for pause. This may be the smartest thing to do. Pause is the time to breathe, review the plan, and gain confidence. Nothing compares to entering a burning building with a hose not connected to a water hydrant. Address the details first, then proceed.
  3. TRUST – This is the case when the belief that good things come to those who wait favors the situation. Doubt is a close relative to the negative “I can’t.” When the call of resistance fails to be acknowledged, the self-esteem suffers. Believing in an unknown reason is more worthwhile than mulling over personal inadequacies.

Resistance can feel like a wool suit against bare skin. Rather than wearing resistance, take it off and look at what’s going on. Identify the element that creates opposition, aversion, or unwillingness. Pinpoint the part that is unacceptable. Then ASK, WAIT, and TRUST until resistance melts into surrender.