The world seems a little bit on edge right now. Any sense of sanity is twisted and tightly wound up in a ball of “nots” bound together by a sticky wicket of what next. This dish is a discourse of questionable facts entangled and garnished with a self-serving dollop of mean spirited opinion.  The intention to taint the truth leads to confusion wherein the moral compass point spins. Time to pause, inhale and ponder what is truly important. Safety? Security? Let’s consider what is true.

A BIG T Truth is the same for everyone. It is True here and there, up and down, before and later. It is True from the beginning until the end, for all time. One’s opinion does not alter the BIG T Truth.

A little t truth is true for you as a like or a preference. You may like a certain color or prefer a particular style of shoe. You may like ice cream only as a shake. You may admire a sparkling ornament until something else comes along. The nature of a preference is its ability to alter and change. What is true, is true now. And later your little t truth can change.

A BIG T Truth is the human body has ways to understand the world. World events begin to wear on us. There builds a looming sense of bitterness. Ears turn deaf and eyes lose focus. Things begin to smell rancid. Gentle becomes harsh. Soft becomes hard and the other way around. When the feelings sense stress, breathe into the moment and return to what is true for you.

The tongue tastes four groups of flavor: sour, sweet, salt and bitter. Shift away from world events to imagine a lime slice perched on a glass of refreshing water. Reawaken the sweetness of life with a teaspoon of sugar. Awaken the sweetness of watermelon with a dash of salt. A little bit of bitter protects the inventory of dark chocolate, keeping it safe for special celebrations of truth.

The ears catch waves of sound coming to hold, please, or disturb us. This noise composes the soundtrack of our life.  Laughter can soothe or annoy. The wind blowing through the trees sounds different than the waves rolling on the beach. We learn to distinguish the sound of our truth.

The eyes receive returned, deflected light waves bouncing off objects. Rainbows in the sky return sunbeams bouncing off mist in the air. Our thoughts reflect off a child’s face to light our hearts. Maturity sprouts fresh perspectives from stale views as daily events unfold. Invite opinions to evolve from a truth to a story.

Smell is the oldest of senses. The nose detects odors and aroma. The flavor of the air drawn into our lungs plays tag with our memories. As one of the oldest senses, tease smell to participate as an important player in deciding what is true.

The tips of our fingers touch the physical characteristics of an object. Texture defines the surface as soft or hard, smooth or rough, coarse or fine. The entire body is able to relate the quality of objects that touch us, like clothes or a favorite blanket. Be touched by truth.

One last BIG T Truth about the senses. Every body has emotions and feelings, and there is a distinction between the two. Emotions are sensations of the mind. Emotions happen and do not need to stick around. Emotions are simply happy, sad, anger, and fear. Feelings are sensations of the body. The body can feel hot, cold, pain, pleasure, pressure, and motion. Since emotions and feelings are relative and subjective, file under little t truths.

Our senses, emotions, and feelings are under attack. What to do? Turn the stimulus off. Turn the attention inward. Ask questions about the true sense of what is happening. Then weigh that against any Big T Truth to uncover what is true for you.