Springtime. A time of rebirth, renewal, return after of week of trials and tribulations. So easy to forget the trials and celebrate the new. Not this time.

I am in the throes of torment present with passing through the dark night of the soul. The sun has not risen, and my thoughts stay heavy on my heart as I wrestle with the dread of floating in a multi-directional abyss. Part of the dilemma is that I wish not to write as if this is mine alone, but a conundrum shared by all who lie awake at night. In those dark places do we surrender, or do we seek an end to not knowing with a fresh chance to rise from the darkness? Such is Easter, the celebration of resurrection with gifts for walking through to the other side of evil that accompanied us to this point. Herein is the narrative and its importance of separating observers from participants of evil.

Holy week is a powerful story of the pervasiveness of evil. There lie dormant cells of evil in each of us as does the germs of cancer. Step into the struggle before conceding into the celebration of rebirth. No different from then is now also a time where those who influence good and evil are present. A sense of confused self-interest clouds the environment . The price tag for indulging self-interest is greater than many can afford. What is the sacrifice of silencing our better judgment for a perceived easier way? Convenience, cost, and false information play havoc with our common sense. Sit for a moment and play through who has the most to gain from our insignificant daily choices. We surrender common sense to those who have blinded us with their inflated sense of expertise.

This is an opportunity to step back from being positive into a space of constructing a platform for why staying positive is important. This is a truth in the matter of being human, that we have choice in the matter. Peel back the facade of positivity and claim to be a force of nature. Simply recognize evil exists and prefer to influence goodwill towards each other.

It’s complicated. Evil elements exist in the drug dealing mentality woven in a pharmaceutical business plan. Moral risks permeate the marketing of weapon systems for peace manufactured by a defense contractor. The laws created to benefit a for-profit lobbyist ignore the needs of whom they serve. Standing up or blocking the way will not create the change we need. The rebirth, the resurrection did not come from the seeds of evil. The change comes from the seeds of innocence growing something new.