The world flourishes with creative thought. Yes, the world operates within a set routine. The sun rises, the sun sets. One season follows the other. Each season is a term within a cycle of reproduction. Reproduction is what makes the world go round. Best to not interfere with the process, however contributing the energy of creative thought enhances appreciation for the miracle. Check your thinking.


A contribution is an addition to a situation.  The word “contribution” is neutral, meaning the input may be an enhancement or detraction.  So, taking credit for a contribution isn’t always a good thing. Intend to contribute something of value. Contributing one thought to change feelings about a situation offers the possibility to propel a flow of the worthy effort of others. Have a say in a good way.


Decide to change one thing. Ponder one factor that would shift an emotion around a condition. A situation has many variables; people, places, things, processes, resources, leadership. There are people operating within the condition and those observing. When the situation is not offering value, then find one thing, one factor that elicits an emotion that can shift. Many times, thoughts get stuck and ruminating produces nothing of value. Arbitrate transformation.


Reckon one notion to alter a recollection. Estimate the impact of a belief held in memory as it fades into the archives. Anniversaries are a prime example of recalling and reliving past events. Birthdays are a scoresheet of how we are doing. History tends to repeat itself when left unexamined. Those anniversaries and birthdays are time to check progress. The stories shared time and time again grow in its long-term influence of the storyteller. Note and share life lessons.


Changing thoughts needs to be done in an earnest effort to maintain humanity. To be humane assumes a living civilization of morals and decency. Being willing to change requires a vibrant desire for what is good and right. Source is important, however not the bottom-line.  To claim a thing good and right because of its source stalls the thinking aspect of living. Celebrate the element of freedom of thought, but ensure the thought remains relevant to current affairs. We can’t go back because what was has changed. We have changed. Give moments for fresh thoughts.


There is a discipline about contributing to life. Just as we wake each morning to brush the night from our mouth, the passage of time may require a change in the habit of caring for our teeth. Being amenable to do something different keeps us alive. Always err on the side of doing better. Strength in conviction needs a ribbon of mercy flowing through to make sure that what was always so, remains relevant. Examine your life.


A few random thoughts tied together to form a resolution. When we take one thing from all the things around us, we can build something new. Take the time to explore what is important to you and construct a new construct, build innovative ideas. That’s what this year needs – CHANGE.