Opinions form in one of two ways. One, we have a thought about a person, place or situation after feeling a spark because of an interaction. Two, we have a thought about a feeling associated by interaction with a person, place or situation. Our opinion is a “Cliff Notes” version of where we are when we want to catch up with ourselves rather than think. A threat to our peace persists as long as we hold an opinion as a fact. We are better served when we remain available for a different view point.

Yes, each day is a new opportunity to see the world through different eyes. An opinion is our prescription of how we see situations. When our belief system limits who we are, we stop seeing the vitality of life. Our opinion in a way is rigid. Any other opinion when not agreeable is subject to judgement. When invested in a point of view, someone becomes wrong. Wrong is bad. When we stop thinking, the questions stop as well. We are already firm in the answer.

In both instances, we feel that any other opinion not ours, is done to us. We become victimized by our own thinking. Our opinion keeps us stuck. Our stuck state is a magnet to attract people, places or situations to support our position. When we look for space between our thoughts and ourselves, we are inviting a shift in our perception. We may not need more information or more conversations. We may simple need a crack between ourselves and our opinion for the light to shine.

Space for light may show us that our opinion is no longer valid. We can step away from the situation and be a little bit better off. The vibration of an opinion keeps us separated. We avoid engaging for fear we may need to defend our view, belief or judgement. To shift doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. We can decide to let it go and then do it. Be willing to experience amazement.