Being Okay with Learning Something New

I attended a class yesterday. I went with the idea that I was learning a new energy healing modality. I wanted to learn something new about energy work. I wanted to learn a new conversation about the importance of taking care our self. Our well-being doesn’t automatically happen. We need to invest in our self. We need to ask for help to clear, clean and maintain a healthy energy system.

I got that plus a whole new way to perceive who we are and how we show up in our lives. The shift in my thinking was significant. The shift rocked my world. Part of the bigness of the process was that the shift occurred free of judgement. I accepted the flow of information has helpful. I accepted myself for who I was when I walked into the class. There was no guilt about not having this information before today. The idea of my value remained intact.

There was no judgement that I had been wrong or bad. There was no criticism of my values or ethics. The nature of the class was to learn how to release our limiting thoughts. We continue to let go all those things that no longer serve us. The idea of releasing things is something that I attempt to do. This was the first time I experienced the acceptance of self in such a profound way.

Today I get to choose. Do I revert back to the way I was before the class or do I show up with a little bit more information. Now I’m not referring to the class material in particularly. What I am proposing is for us to take time to examine the way in which we choose to acquire and learn new information.

As I prepared to attend the class I reminded myself about the courage required to try something new. I had never been to this address before. I had never been in this neighborhood. How well did I know the instructor? Who else is going to show up? What did I get myself into? Was coming here the right decision? Asking yourself questions about taking on something new is healthy. Your confidence supports the bold move to take that next step. As an instructor of fitness classes, I appreciate the courage required to step into the room. I encourage the student to remain courageous as they receive new information.

After learning something new, the space where you were can no longer hold the new, expanded you. There is no need to strip down or discard what no long applies. Of course, discard the things that no longer serve you. Yet, the things that no longer serve you may be the building blocks for a stronger foundation. The new learning may need a stronger foundation.

Be bold, be courageous and try something new today.